Hand Delivering 2000+ Pounds of Donations

Our group walked thousands of steps a day while in Guatemala. Many of these steps were spent while we were hand delivering donations. We had been given hundreds of toothbrushes and toothpastes by Dr. Doug Ball, books, sheets, blankets, clothing, toys, soap, handmade kitchen kits, new born baby kits, etc by dozens of kind hearted souls. Each teen had also been connected to a family in the community who was in more need. They were given sizes and names and filled their luggage with donations. We were able to deliver many of these donations and got to meet the families. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to hand deliver everything. One of our amazing moms took it upon herself to make sure everything was evenly distributed to the community. We were able to take her 600 pounds of donations that she’s expertly distributing.

Getting 100 backpacks from Utah to Guatemala

Months ago I received a text from a friend who was shopping and saw brand new backpacks on sale for $1 each. Because she lives an hour north I asked friends if they would be willing to bring a huge box of backpacks down on their next visit. These backpacks waited for months until we were able to pack them in luggage and get them to Guatemala. Once we were there we filled each backpack with a handmade quilt, several toothbrushes, toothpastes, a watercolor set and a handmade wooden toy.

Everyone of the kiddos in our program received a brand new backpack. A huge thank you to Raquel Alfaro, Cheryl Harrison, Dana & Doug Ball, and all those who contributed to this project.

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