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To all of our volunteers, sponsors, families and all of those who support our mission!
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This week, in honor of Mother’s Day, we are excited to highlight Vidalia, pictured above in the purple dress, one of the incredible moms in our program! Read all about her and the work she is doing below.

Creating a Better World Today for the Generation of Tomorrow

An Interview with Vidalia

From her corner of the beautiful country of Guatemala, Be Humanitarian beneficiary Vidalia gave us an insider look at her incredibly busy life and the way the Utah-based nonprofit has made a lasting impact on it.

Vidalia rises for the day often before the sun does, shining light over the green mountains and colorful city of San Andres, Guatemala. After getting ready for the day around 5:30 AM, she joins her husband working at a factory for construction materials, such as blocks and bricks. Vidalia often works until about 8:00 pm that evening alongside her spouse, returning to her humble home intermittently to attend to their three daughters. Xiomara Milady, Elida Esmeralda, and Jazmin Lucero range in age from 2 to 11 years old, and are a source of joy for their parents even with their crazy schedules. On Sundays when Vildalia and her husband are not working, their family loves to spend time together at the local park and enjoy ice cream.

While the little family has faced financial difficulty over the years, Vidalia is motivated to work hard for more than simply being able to put food on the table. She puts in extra hours every week serving at the Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours facility because of her passionate desire regarding the future of her daughters.

“I want them to have a better life than I do one day,” Vidalia remarked. “I want them to have more opportunities.”

The meals provided by Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours, in addition to their regular educational courses, have been among the hoped-for opportunities which her children are now taking advantage of. Vidalia is an incredibly hard worker, but humbly added that she feels that she does “not have the capacity to do everything”. In reference to this program, she expressed that “it’s a great help to me.”

Vidalia will continue to work hard for her family’s sake, as well as for the sake of her community. She is thrilled about the chance her daughters have had to enjoy nutritious food and attend class, as well her chance to one day utilize the sewing center currently being built. As expressed in the interview, she hopes to put a portion of her future efforts towards expanding the blessings of this program to many more families in need.

“Not everyone has the same opportunities to learn here that my children do… There are lots of kids in the city.”

If you would like to join Vidalia’s in these efforts of expanding the opportunities provided by Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours, please consider donating to the sewing center currently being built. This center will serve as a way for mothers to generate additional income to share with their families, while also making beautiful things to share with the world.

Emily Curtis


If you would like to donate to the sewing center fundraiser, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1079761422809592/

If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer, sponsoring a child or becoming a donor please reach out to the Founder, Tobie Spears at guatemalenahumanitariantours@gmail.com

* Interview was conducted entirely in Spanish. Vidalia’s quotes and insights were directly translated, but may not be precisely exact due to the nature of translation.

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