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We love our work, you’ll love it too! There are several ways to get involved with Be Humanitarian, please contact us with any questions. Come do some good with us!

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Why Guatemala?

Four in ten children (43.4%) under five are chronically malnourished (as measured by height relative to age), a condition that causes them to drop out of school, lowers their productivity, makes them susceptible to illness and even loss of intellect, which are irreversible effects that last a lifetime. Chronic malnutrition affects eight in ten (80%) indigenous children.

(51%) of children live in poverty and 15% in extreme poverty. Among the indigenous populations in rural areas, the percentage increases to 72%.

In many poor communities, school fees for tuition, textbooks, uniforms and supplies easily consume a substantial percentage of a family’s income and result in high drop out from school. Dropout rates are high, especially for girls. Girls particularly are required to take care of their siblings, and leave school to help support their family.

How long is your Service Vacation?

11 life-changing days

Do we stay in the same area?

We explore many different areas in Guatemala. We explore Antigua, Hike a Volcano, Visit Lake Atitlan, Volunteer in San Andrés, shop in Panajachel and spend a lovely day at the black sand beach. We believe we should see the beauty that Guatemala has to offer.

Do we all sleep together on the floor of a large building?

Nope. We stay in local hotels and Airbnb’s and always sleep in beds.

How do we travel while in Guatemala?

We hire private drivers. We travel like a family and always travel together.

What is the dollar called in Guatemala?

Quetzales is the name of Guatemalan money and it exchanges at about 7 to 1 USD.

Do we need to use Quetzales while buying personal items?

Yes, Tobie will help you exchange your personal spending money so you can buy items in town. Many stores are not able to accept credit cards so it’s a good idea to have cash.

How much spending money should I bring?

Many volunteers bring $100-$200 for souvenirs. It is totally up to you 🙂

How many people will be in our group?

We have space for up to 16. We like to travel in a small group because that allows us to get to know each other well and fit into our bus and the small homes and shops.

Can I fundraise to pay for this trip?

Absolutely! First tip when looking for fundraising ideas for your service vacation: Be creative and have fun. The possibilities are endless! We have put together a guide that gives some awesome fundraising ideas!

Fundraising Guide

Can I invite a friend, parent, Aunt or Uncle?

Please do. The experiences we have are so amazing to be shared with your friends and family.

What should I pack?

Bring layers of warm, comfortable clothes for being active. It is cool in the mornings, and evenings and there is no such thing as heat inside homes. Have clothes that would be comfortable enough for yoga, walking, and playing with the kiddos.

Do we bring donations to Guatemala?

Yes, all your personal items need to fit inside your carry on. You (along with Tobie) will fill TWO 50 pound suitcases with much needed donations for our Preschool and the families in our community.