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Be Humanitarian
November 20, 2022

A Gap Year Humanitarian Mission That Will Change Your Life

Are you familiar with the term ‘Gap Year’? Certainly, it is more widely used in Europe than it is in…
A person holding the world symbolizing volunteering abroadBe Humanitarian
October 26, 2022

Why Should You Go on a Volunteer Abroad Program?

Participating in a volunteer abroad program may sound like a daunting experience—picturing yourself in a foreign country, surrounded by an…
Two hands reaching outBe Humanitarian
September 15, 2022

5 Ways Humanitarian Trips Change Lives

Here's a fact: Going on a humanitarian trip abroad will change your life. And although how it will change your…
Be HumanitarianFeatured Articles
February 28, 2022

Being Humanitarian

Humanitarianism can be easily defined by going to the nearest dictionary, but the definition you'll find there doesn't quite do…