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We Are a Non-Profit Organization! Join Us in Guatemala! Your Volunteer Work Can Be Tax-deductible! Embark on a Life-Changing Journey! Become a Sponsor!

Be Humanitarian’s Mission

We lead humanitarian trips to Guatemala to fulfill our mission to inspire volunteers to become global citizens and take a hands-on role in the world around them. We believe our duty is to improve the lives of those in need. We aim to improve the future of some of Guatemala’s most impoverished people, and help them to break the poverty cycle through early nutrition, education, self sustainability and income opportunity.

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What We’ve Accomplished

We strive to be transparent in all we do! To learn more about our operations and the Candid Seal of Transparency, click the button below.

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About Us

At Be Humanitarian™ we take great pride in both providing memorable experiences for those who join us and helping those in need. Your Service Vacation is an incredible adventure that is easily combined with giving back to the communities you visit.

While in Guatemala you will have the opportunity to deliver deliver hundreds of pounds of books, backpacks, school supplies, and much-needed donations to our preschool community. You will get to hike or ride horseback up a volcano and roast marshmallows on hot pockets in the lava, visit Lake Atitlan, enjoy the sunrise and sunset, laugh and giggle with children, explore Mayan ruins, visit the black sand beach, support our nutrition program, shop colorful local markets, laugh a lot and have fun!

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ENE International Business Philanthropist of the year 2022

Tobie Spears

Such a once in a lifetime experience. If I could do this all day, everyday I would. Changing lives one trip at a time. And don't worry about being so far away from home, Tobie is great at what she does. Whether you need a hug or a lecture, she'll be the "mom" you need. Highly recommend!

Kenzie Stone

Most amazing and humbling experience of a lifetime.

Kitana Antolin

If you want to have an adventure in a beautiful far away place where you grow in gratitude, grow and share your gifts, and help other grow; GO!!!!


I don't know what in particular brought Brian's change of attitude but I am very grateful for it. I feel closer to Brian than I have in a very long time. Her carries more empathy with him than I have seen before. He is also more respectful and caring towards all of us than he was before the trip. Yay!


We saw (developing country) poverty and learned gratitude. We saw (developing country) hospitality and learned selflessness. Tobie planned the perfect array of experiences, and was very knowledgeable of our travels. I recommend her program to anyone with that hunger for learning and anyone with the fire to SEE something different!


This was an experience both my 16-year-old daughter and I had and we will never forget. We traveled this summer with Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours and it was powerful. What sets this opportunity apart from others is Tobie Spears and her connections. We were invited to eat in people’s homes, meet with NGO’s but also individuals in the communities who are volunteering their time to make things better for the kids in Guatemala.

Dana Ball

I have had the opportunity to assist Be Humanitarian a couple times and I have learned so much from its founder, Tobie Spears. Her willingness to help and to change the lives of those in Guatemala and those who visit this country is remarkable. This nonprofit understands that love and hope will change the lives of those that come across this organization.


Traveling to Guatemala and experiencing their way of life for a few days was amazing. They are wonderful people. 'Humbling' doesn't even begin to describe it.


Serving in Guatemala was an experience I'll never forget. It was so fun to see Guatemala because it's so different from where we were from. It made me come back more grateful for how I live! Also, our leaders Tobie and Darrin were great, and would do another service trip with them.


I loved my trip to Guatemala with Tobie! She is so inspiring, and it made such an amazing impact in my life. Getting to go and see how others live really got me out of my bubble and opened my eyes to hardships for others. The projects we did through Be Humanitarian made me feel like I was making a difference for those who were struggling. I would recommend doing this to anyone!! It’s a life changing experience.


Was an amazing experience that taught me so much. I learned about the culture and lifestyle of those living in Guatemala. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go and help outreach communities.


My family and I sponsor a little girl through this organization. It is so nice to be able to contribute every month to an organization that is truthful and honest. 100% of the proceeds go to the children. Our small contribution, combined with many others, adds so much to this community. We are grateful for this opportunity. Rachel


I have the great privilege of knowing Tobie Spears. I am so amazed at her talents and abilities to help mothers and children in Guatemala. I was able to help gather quilts for them. It was such a privilege to help with their projects. They are touching so many lives.


This was a very fruitful experience and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to go on this trip with this organization.


Be Humanitarian is such a great organization! It’s run by an awesome bunch of people that are trustworthy and truly care about the people they are helping in Guatemala. I love sponsoring Alonso! I know that all of my money goes to help him get the food and schooling he needs. It’s the best $40 I spend every month because I know that $40 is truly making a difference in a little boy’s life!


My time in Guatemala changed my outlook on life. I learned it's the people you meet and the relationships you build that will fill your life with the feeling of true and genuine happiness. This experience helped me to feel how grateful I am for everything and it made me want to build relationships with complete strangers, even if we don't speak the same language, we can still become friends. I noticed how my attitude also changed. I was a lot happier because the people in Guatemala are so nice.


Who Am I?

Want to learn more about what your trip will look like? Click the buttons below to learn about Company/Business, Group and Individual trips!

Who Am I?

Want to learn more about what your trip will look like? Click the buttons below to learn about Company/Business, Group and Individual trips!

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