We were excited to explore Lake Atitlan (Lago de Atitlan) and the girls were excited to jump in for a swim. We walked around Panajachel shopping and exploring. For dinner we had a fantastic cultural event at a local restaurant where everyone got to try their hand at tortilla making.

Painting a Basketball Court

Our group spent two full days painting the basketball court to create a work of art. We were guided by local expert painters Jonathan and Osman who made this entire project possible.

Painting, Building & Filling a Library with Books

Darrin and Brian magically built beautiful shelves for the hundreds of pounds of books we brought from Utah and the boys planed and carried the heavy planks of wood. The girls learned about pre-drilling, sandpaper grit and how to use a drill. The group spent two full days painting the walls and building the book cases. We are excited to continue to fill these shelves with books each trip we take.

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