Last week Darrin and I got to lead a group of 15 awesome high school students on a transformational week long service vacation. Checking off a ‘bucket list’ item for some of the students we had the opportunity to ‘sleep’ in the Dallas airport and everyone was just great. We arrived in Guatemala tired and ready to get going. Our first project was to help prep the wall for a beautiful mural and we had over 1800 pounds of donations with us that we were excited to distribute.

Palm Sunday in Guatemala

We were lucky enough to wake early and experience a Palm Sunday procession in San Andrés. The community walked toward the church singing together. Once we arrived at the church we got to listen to mass.

Our first breakfast in Guatemala was expertly prepared by 3 of the moms in our program. We were able to hire our moms each day and got to eat fantastic food. Prior to our trip many parents mentioned that they heard we wouldn’t eat well on a service trip. I assured them that their children would eat delicious, fresh food. For an entire week we didn’t eat anything from a box or a can. Breakfast consisted of black beans, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and tortillas. Our students were fighting over the last tortillas 🙂

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