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First tip when looking for fundraising ideas for your service vacation: Be creative and have fun. The possibilities are endless! 

Here are some ideas:

  • Customize a t-shirt for you to sell to friends and family (everyone loves a T-Shirt) 
  • Coffee (Utah residents) – You can sell Organic Guatemalan Coffee for $15+ a pound. We can purchase coffee wholesale for $10 a bag and you can keep $5.00.
  • Auction – Ask local businesses, artists and craftspeople to donate items for auction. A great event idea with children (a school group, for example), is to organize an art auction featuring the children’s artwork. 

Get busy in the kitchen:

  • Make and Sell Your Own Cookie Dough $7+ tub
  • Dinner $20+ Spaghetti is a low-cost meal that’s easy to make in large amounts, and everyone loves it! 
  • Some other fun, low-cost meal options are pancakes and hotdogs. 
  • Your favorite dish, soup or curry $12+ tub – sell to neighbors and friends and include your delivery to make it extra special.

Car wash coupons:

  • You can raise money by selling our 2pk car wash coupon.  When you purchase a 20pk of car wash coupons, you will pay $99.99 and you will be able to sell them for $200.00.  The face value for the coupons is $16. Each coupon is discounted to $5 so your group can sell the coupon for $10.  You will make $5 for each 2pk coupon you sell.
  • To purchase the 20pk of car wash coupons, please contact one of our locations that has a car wash.  Locations and phone numbers are listed on our website.

Visit Holiday Car Wash

Papa Murphy’s:

  • Papa Murphy’s is independently owned. Many owners are willing to work with you on fundraising ideas if you contact them.

Bake Sale:

  • This tried and true fundraising event is an American classic everyone loves. Participants love to show off their culinary expertise, and check out the accomplishments of friends and neighbors. 

Yard Sale:

  • One person’s trash is almost always another person’s treasure, which is why yard sales are such fun and successful events. 

Create a fundraising event:

  • Collaborate with others. Host a talent show, art show, concert, auction using donated items from local businesses, 5K, tournament, dance party, cook off, car wash, luau, etc.

PRE-SELL ITEMS others will receive after your trip:

  • Guatemalan Hot Chocolate – a delicious treat that you could sell for $20 when you return from your trip. 
  • Art Show – you could print out your trip photos and sell them. Have an art show for local friends and family to come enjoy light refreshments and buy your artwork
  • Organic Guatemalan Coffee – a delicious treat you can sell in Guatemala and sell it for a profit when you return home.


  • Send letters to friends, relatives, friends of the family, acquaintances, old teachers, co-workers, professors.
  • Waive all holiday & birthday gifts; request financial gifts instead (to use towards your experience).
  • Network via social media platforms.
  • Check with local businesses.
  • Check with your employer. Some companies are willing to provide financial support for a service experience if they feel it will add value to their organization.

I’m sure there are additional ways for you to earn your Service Vacation and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Please reach out with any additional questions.

Click here to create a fundraiser with Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours and watch your donations come in.