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Humanitarianism can be easily defined by going to the nearest dictionary, but the definition you’ll find there doesn’t quite do the word justice.

‘Humanitarianism’ deserves a more meaningful look because of the impact that can be had when it is truly understood and acted on.

Any time we reach beyond our own needs to help others, we’re acting on the spirit of humanitarianism. Even the smallest of these acts can have a huge impact, and the more we do, the more we can help. But more importantly, the more we help others the closer we get to creating a pattern of service, and even a culture of thinking about and seeing the world differently.

We invite all to “Be Humanitarian” and to change the way you see the world and the people around you. Contact us to learn more about how you and others like you are working together to create sustainable solutions for the people of Guatemala. Our programs an initiatives are geared towards creating solutions that help break the cycles of poverty.

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