Happy Birthday to our Youngest Sponsor ~ Justice

Three years ago, without a word being said, I received an email informing me that my then 20 year old daughter had signed up to become a sponsor with Be Humanitarian. My heart was touched and full. Justice sees first hand the effort it takes to run a grassroots non-profit organization and believes in what we are doing. Her choosing to sponsor a kiddo in Guatemala takes the cake for my momma heart.

Justice has had the privilege of travel since she was a baby. She has been around the world and has witnessed first hand the realities of life for billions of people. She was a 5th grade student in Guatemala when she was first exposed to hunger. She knew students her age who had not eaten breakfast and had brought nothing for lunch.

For her 21st birthday gift she asked to spend her birthday in Guatemala volunteering. She is working full-time and going to school full-time. She is like so many of us who have a lot on her plate. However, she also believes that she can make a difference in the life of a child. I hope that more young people plug in to this belief. We all have stress, jobs, responsibilities, etc. And, we all have the ability to donate to feed a child.

Please share what we do with your community.
We need more amazing sponsors like Justice.

Happy birthday Ada and Rosie!

These are some of the cute, cute kiddos we support in our program! We are forever grateful for sponsors like you who make everything happen for us!

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October Turtle Release
Guatemalan Service Vacation
Oct 7 – 14, 2024

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March 29 – April 5, 2025

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