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I grew up in a city between green volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean in Guatemala, known as Mazatenango (Mazate “de cariño”). I was motivated to dream big and reach other horizons as a child. My family didn’t have many resources but were very supportive of my efforts to pursue my goals. I also loved learning about other cultures. I saw how technology was a key part of the advancement and development of other nations and wondered if I was ever going to be able to travel and get an education outside of my country. I knew despite opportunities in Guatemala being limited, I could be successful and achieve my dreams. I always thought that if I was able to achieve this goal, I could give back to Guatemala and provide for the people where I came from.

Years later, I had the opportunity to accomplish one of my lifelong dreams, which was to get my college education in a foreign country. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a minor in Business and a Magna Cum Laude recognition. Later I decided to return to school and earn a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) with an emphasis in Technology Management.

Currently, I work as a technology consultant, providing software training and solutions to clients from around the globe. I want to be able to increase my knowledge in business and technology management so that I can bring opportunities to others, here and in other nations. I believe education is a critical factor in personal and professional progression. One of my goals in life is to create my own business or institution which opens doors for the less fortunate.

Besides being an advocate for education and personal development, I believe in serving my community and others. Growing up in Guatemala was a wonderful experience; I was able to enjoy nature, hiking, great food, and culture. Though my family didn’t have many resources, I was able to always have a roof over my head and food on the table. Not everyone had this opportunity, however; I had several friends who didn’t have a regular bed, or food every day, or sometimes didn’t have the means to go to school.

These experiences created a desire to serve others. Some of my activities included cleaning dumpster areas, planting trees to reforest areas damaged by fires, and doing service in asylums and orphanages. My services to the community didn’t stop there; currently, I reside in the state of Utah, USA.  My wife and I have had the opportunity to provide services at hospitals and assisted living centers, and we continue to provide assistance and services whenever we can. Currently, I lead the efforts for the events and activities in the BYU Management Society for Young Professionals. Through these events, students and other professionals have an opportunity to network with others and have a chance to get better career opportunities.

I know that life is not easy, but we can make it a beautiful and exciting adventure if we believe in ourselves and are willing to work towards our goals. With determination, we can make our dreams and goals a reality. I still have several goals I want to achieve in this life, but I’m excited about what lies ahead!