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Here’s a reality check: Deep down, we all harbor aspirations of being heroes. In our childhood fantasies, we envisioned ourselves as the much-needed saviors of the world. We dreamed of donning the capes of doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, or even the individuals who’d uncover an infallible cure for cancer. In essence, we yearn to be the force that ushers in the change the world desperately craves.

Yet, life unfolds in unexpected ways, and more often than not, we catch ourselves lamenting the state of the world rather than actively working to improve it. News headlines bombard us with stories of protests, wars, illness, and crime, contributing to a growing sense of desensitization and selfishness in society. The desire for a kinder, gentler world persists, but the question lingers: How does one truly become a catalyst for change? Change, as we know it, is not an overnight phenomenon; it unfolds through incremental progress, with the most profound transformations occurring within the hearts of individuals. Allow me to illustrate.


Fostering Change through Acts of Compassion

Several years ago, on a particularly challenging day during my high school years, I received disappointing grades, jeopardizing my scholarship as the semester neared its end. Rain pelted down, mirroring the turmoil within me. My family faced financial difficulties, adding to the gloom. Amidst my own struggles, I encountered an elderly woman, frail and cold, sitting on the sidewalk. She had nothing to her name. Digging into my bag, I found leftover biscuits from lunch and shared them with her, adding a comforting hug. The radiant smile she offered in return revealed the impact of this simple gesture. It seemed to be her first meal of the day, and I couldn’t fathom how such a small act of kindness could make such a profound difference. In that moment, with a stranger, I realized my life had taken an irreversible turn for the better. This exemplifies the essence of humanitarianism, a pathway to becoming a change-maker.

Acting in alignment with the humanitarian spirit involves extending assistance beyond our own needs. These small gestures accumulate, creating a ripple effect that transforms lives. Moreover, the more we engage in acts of kindness, the closer we come to setting an example of service and cultivating a new perspective on the world.


Humanitarian Endeavors in Guatemala

Chronic malnutrition, particularly affecting children under five, represents the most severe form in the Western Hemisphere. Guatemala, positioned in Central America, bears the highest chronic malnutrition rate in Latin America and the Caribbean, ranking fourth globally. Poverty exacerbates this crisis, significantly contributing to childhood malnutrition. Be Humanitarian initiated the Weekly Dinner Box Program in October 2021, catering to 23 families and a total of 87 individuals. Beyond providing nutritious meals, our focus extends to empowering individuals by offering education and resources, including books, backpacks, school supplies, and crucial donations to the preschool community. Additionally, we strive to assist mothers through livelihood programs, fostering lasting change.


A Shift in Perspective

While change is undoubtedly experienced by those on the receiving end, it is equally transformative for the giver. A profound shift in perspective occurs as we recognize the stark disparities between our Western lifestyles and the realities faced by others worldwide. Observing individuals striving with resilience amidst adversity prompts self-reflection, inspiring us to reassess our own lives and interactions. This shift propels us toward proactive kindness, optimism, and a genuine commitment to becoming change-makers.

Change is a gradual process. Becoming a change-maker involves making countless small decisions throughout the day that positively impact others. This is the essence of heroism in everyday life.

Our efforts at empowering positive transformation may seem like a mere drop in the vast ocean of global poverty and malnutrition. While we may not instantly transform the entire world, we undeniably change the world for individuals, and sometimes, that is more than enough.

Join us in the pursuit of empowering positive change.