Travel is a priceless educational experience – Seeing life outside of our comfort zone can open our eyes to injustice, social problems, new ways of solving problems, new friends, beautiful scenery and fantastic new foods.

Do you want to experience this kind of hands on work for a community in need?
When you travel with us, you will not only enjoy fun activities, taste new foods, see incredible architecture and also work along side our team to teach, help and grow the community we serve! Our volunteers are the lifeline of the work we do and we cannot wait to travel with you and your family!

Are you or someone you know traveling to Guatemala this year? These wonderful friends brought down 200 lbs of books for our kiddos on their vacation! How generous! We will happily pay the luggage fees in order to help you get any goods down to our community. Keep us in mind for your next trip!

2023 Trips!

12 Day July Adventure
Guatemalan Service Vacation
July 27th – August 7th

The Institute Ireland Trip
June 13th – 22nd 2023

October Guatemalan Service Vacation
Oct 8 – 15, 2024

Fair Trade Adventure
Guatemalan Service Vacation
Jan 14 – 21, 2024