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Hope, Undocumented Migration and Remittances in Guatemala

“When we began working in Guatemala over 10 years ago I never anticipated becoming so close to undocumented migration. In my own naivety I just didn’t know much about it. I grew up as a white girl in Utah and had always heard about the problems and dangers of migration but that seemed so far away. As I’ve dedicated my life to serve the people of Guatemala through Be Humanitarian I have found that working in the states can be an enticing option for many individuals seeking better economic opportunities, but, it can also mean undertaking the risky journey of undocumented migration. Guatemala is one country that has seen a significant increase in undocumented migration in recent years, driven by factors such as poverty, lack of opportunity and political instability. Despite the dangers and uncertainties that come with undocumented migration, many Guatemalans continue to seek employment opportunities abroad in hopes of supporting themselves and their families back home. This has led to skyrocketing remittances, which are now a vital source of income for many households in Guatemala.”

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.”

-Jesse Jackson

We wanted to share the success of our weekly incaparina project. Beginning on May 1, 2023 Carolina, one of the awesome moms in our program has been purchasing 250 bags of incaparina each week and visiting local schools to make sure that 250 children have something to eat for breakfast each morning of the week.
Incaparina is a fortified breakfast cereal which means that kiddos that would be going to school on an empty stomach are now able to have a warm cup of cereal before heading out to school. Because of generous donations we have already been able to provide 3000 bags of incaparina providing 21,000 meals to these grateful kiddos and their families.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors and The USANA Foundation for supporting us in this project. If you know someone who would like to get involved in a cool project with us please have them contact our team at

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