Our mission is to inspire our volunteers to become global citizens who take a hands-on role in the world around them. We believe our duty is to improve the lives of those in need. We aim to improve the future of some of Guatemala’s most impoverished people, and help them to break the poverty cycle through early nutrition, education and self sustainability. Do you want to learn more about Be Humanitarian, read more here. We cannot wait to travel with you!

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Alright, buckle up because we’ve got a heartwarming story brewing straight out of San Andrés, Guatemala. Picture this: 250 elementary school kids, armed with their own 1 lb bag of superhero breakfast EVERY WEEK—enter incaparina. Thanks to the rockstar move by The USANA Foundation, we’ve managed to give a whopping 6522 pounds of this stuff in the last six months alone.

Now, here’s the kicker: getting that magic cereal to the kiddos. Initially, the plan was to roll in with a truck and drop it off at the schools. But our superhero, Carolina, had a better idea. She went full-on superhero mode herself, making sure each student got their bag personally. Can you imagine her hauling around 250 pounds of cereal in taxis just to ensure no funny business went down? That’s dedication right there folks.

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